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Friday, April 27th 2012

1:50 AM

Loli nude forbiden pics


Related article: Date: Mon, 14 Jun 2010 21:32:53 +0800 From: Paul Relhub Subject: College - New Friends 2Disclaimer: This story contains details of a sexual encounter between consenting adults. If you find this material offensive, or are legally barred from viewing it in your area, please leave now.Hope you enjoy!!Darren leaned forward and applied pressure and felt his whole cock slide slowly up Nick's ass. As he bottomed out, instinct took over and he began to pump with long stokes in and out. Nick's face glowed with desire and he pulled on Darren's ass to pull him all the way back in moaning as each inch filled him. They kept rutting with each other for almost fifteen minutes until Darren shoved all the way in and blew his load. As he did, Nick blew as well, coating both of them with cum. Just as they both came moaning loudly the door opened......There stood Coach Summers, the football coach, staring straight at them. Darren began to pull out quickly, panicking that lolitas kid 8 years they had been caught; but as he did so he felt Nick' s butt tighten and hold him in."Hey Coach" piped in Nick "Wuz up"?Darren was confused, why wasn't Nick panicking?The coach's next statement answered the question when he stated " I see you're expanding, choosing them from the band now."Nick chuckled "yea coach, but you've got to see the cock on this one." "He puts the entire football team to shame." As they were talking, Darren watched the coach close the door and begin to strip. The coach underage loli hard sites was well built and hairy tiny lolia modles com with a toned body from years of working out in the gym. Darren's cock hardened again and filled Nick's ass, causing Nick to moan with pleasure."Like what you see?" asked Nick."Yea!" was all Darren could reply as the coach approached them with his thick dripping cock swinging between his legs. As the coach reached them, Darren reached out and grabbed coach's cock and slipped it into his mouth. The heavy soft cock filled his mouth and began to stiffen as Darren sucked it in.As the coach's cock filled his mouth, Darren began pumping into Nick, using long hard strokes that drove his cock all the way up Nick's ass. By watching, the coach was getting an idea of just how long Darren was. He had to be pulling out just about a foot before slamming back in and the head of his cock never popped out of Nick's ass. Watching the hard driving ass pulsate was fascinating the coach. underage loli hard sites He'd seen all of the team naked of course, and he had fucked quite a few of them, cute teen lolita nude including Nick but he had never really paid any attention to the band members and had missed this gem. He'd have to expand his horizons he thought to himself as he filled Darren's mouth and watched his ass.Nick meanwhile reached up and began to slide his fingers across the coach's ass and let his fingers slip into the coach's hole, which drove the coach into frenzy. Coach Summers slowly withdrew from Darren's mouth and squatted down over Nick's waiting mouth. Nick flicked his tongue out and started to bathe each ball, licking off the bittersweet sweat that had collected there. He let his tongue slide between the coach's legs and began to rim the coach's rosebud. Coach Summers moaned with pleasure as Nick's tongue began to worm into his hole and stimulate all the nerves that throbbed with anticipation. Now coach was versatile and bottomed and topped equally, having learned that both were absolutely pleasurable. As Nick was bathing his hole the Coach reached down and began to stroke Nick's cock. Nick arched up to meet his hand and the coach got his first look at Darren's monster. His eyes opened with awe and he began to salivate with anticipation at having that up his aching ass. He could only imagine how Nick hadn't blown his load yet as Darren plunged in and out of his ass.Darren was in a world of his own pumping with ferocity that was jarring both the coach and Nick. Summers reached out and tweaked Darren's protruding nipples and as Darren moaned, he came with a growl and withdrew from Nick's ass and sprayed his cum on Coach Summers. The coach quickly enveloped his cock and deep throated him catching the last of Darren's cum. Darren squirmed as his sensitive head was over stimulated as Coach's experienced tongue showered it thoroughly. Coach Summers reached between Darren's legs and slipped his finger into Darren's free lolita top pics pulsating hole and pulled Darren further into his mouth. Darren had no choice but to let the coach suck his dry, although the sensations were overwhelming him. Like the teenager he was, it didn't take more than a few minutes for his cock to recover and all eleven and a half inches were filling the coach's throat and sliding down his throat. The coach gagged slightly but recovered and began to eagerly devour the thick sausage in his underage lolitas pussy pics mouth.Nick meanwhile continued to play with the coach's ass and balls using his tongue and fingers. He placed a hand on either side of the coach's ass and stretched his cheeks apart so that he could stick his tongue as far up as he could go. This tangle of flesh was building up a real sweat and the mixture of cum, sweat and the sweet smell of any male's body permeated the room.Darren reached down and began running his hands over the coach's broad back and let his hands slide around and caress his gut and then slide through his pubic hair to the awaiting cock. The coach's cock jerked in anticipation as Darren ran his sweat wetted hand over the flaring head. This began the pre-cum flowing and Darren used it to slick the head and slide down the shaft. With Nick licking his balls and ass, and Darren stroking his cock and his mouth filled with the largest cock he had encountered to date the coach could only moan in delight.As he looked down, he noticed that Nick's 9" were twitching and flowing and so he reached down and began to jack him. With the sensations of his just finished fuck from Darren and the intensity of the whole encounter and the coach's roughened hand, Nick blew his load and heaved up and coated his stomach and the coach's hand.It was time to change positions as everyone was getting a little stiff in this position( no pun intended). Darren took a step back drawing his dripping cock out of the coach's mouth and the coach stood up with his cock swinging in front of him and Nick pulled himself up. They all looked at each other and lust was the only thing that could describe the look in each of their eyes.The coach looked at Darren and said "you know where I want that monster so get over here and fill me." The coach bent over a stack of wrestling mats and pushed out his ass and Darren grabbed the lotion, coated his cock and the coach's ass and swiftly mounted him, shoving at least half in one push. The coach begged, "All the way; all the way, I've got to feel this."Darren happily complied and swiftly sank the other six inches in and began to pound the coach's quivering ass. The coach pushed back and ground his ass into Darren's crotch, wanting this entire monster filling his cavity. He was in heaven and continued to drive back every time Darren drove into him. Meanwhile, Nick went to the other side of the pile of mats and shoved his cock into the coach's mouth. As they spit roasted the coach they looked at each other with desire. Darren drove the coach's mouth over Nick's cock and Nick returned the favor and drove the coach back onto Darren's waiting cock. This constant exchange went on until the coach begged for a break. The pair decided that they would break when they both came and so continued to fuck both ends of the coach. Finally as Nick sprayed the coach's face with cum and the coach came and tightened his ass muscles, causing Darren to come for the fourth time that evening, they let the exhausted coach drop on to the mat spent from the best fuck he had ever had. The boys looked at each other and embraced, letting their sweaty bodies slide against each other. This was one night they wouldn't forget soon. As they drew apart and reached for their clothes, the coach looked up and said "I have some one you've got to meet, he'd die to be fucked like I just was." "Oh, by the way, you might know him. Come by my place on Wednesday to meet him."
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Friday, April 27th 2012

12:00 AM

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